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Pick & Pack Perfectly

Pick & Pack is our top priority. We know how important it is that orders go out on time and without mistakes, and we make sure that happens consistently.

We are proud to say that due to our focus on pick & pack, all of our orders are shipped the same day they are placed.

It all starts with our order integration, which means every order is automatically transferred to our Pick & Pack team, removing any possibility or manual entry errors, and vastly speeding up processing time.

Speaking of our Pick & Pack team, we make sure to only hire outstanding employees, with a strong attention to detail. Every order that is packed is double checked and signed by two different employees, ensuring the highest accuracy possible.

Every order is packed tightly in a brand new box, making sure to remove all air space. A cardboard square on top of the items means nothing will be damaged when the box is opened. Finally, a personal card is placed on top of every order, signed by the employee who did the final check of your items.

Any damages, errors, or returns are logged onto an incident report, that is reviewed monthly with the entire Pick & Pack team. We aim to resolve any issue that may arise before it becomes a problem.